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Lacking inspiration?
Come discover the iconic lines of Le Tanneur.


Creating bags or wallets is like learning a new language. First, syllables and sounds which become more and more familiar, then, the grammar which becomes natural over time. After that come the different degrees of words and meanings which allow oneself to feel comfortable. Letters and words come alive in our Home. Jump in and discover them. 


for Workshop

Where a subtle mix of aromas float in the air. A scent of leather, wood and oiled up tools, sharpened over time fill the atmosphere. A light tune of folding and riveting fills the room, but also the sound of hands assembling our pieces, both of these heard softly by our visitors ears. This sweet melody was what we wanted to share during this fall in some of our shops, through our “Malle Workshop”, a travelling and interactive  pop-up. 


as… As a Monday

Every monday, we share (on Facebook) a short quote that we enjoy, that inspires us. Sometimes melancholic, sometimes dreamlike, often filled with love: these words allow us to begin the week well.


for Leather

Our primary resource, our muse, our treasure. The flower of the leather corresponds to the outside part of the skin. At Le Tanneur, we only use leather said to be “full grain”. A leather which has preserved all of its original flower. There, where the fibres are the tightest and therefore of the best quality. Leather will soon have its moment of glory on our Journal, with a detailed guide on the topic. 


for Gold like

A know-how dear to Lucie Monin, gold engraver with whom we have been working with for many years. She “places gold where her desires take her”, and explores this practice at the edge of art and craftsmanship.  A hot iron presses the elaborate motifs through the golden leaves, which allows to engrave either initials, or more sophisticated designs, which gives each leather piece a unique aspect. And good news for you: our gold engraving workshops will allow you to personalise your gifts during the festive season.


For France

“Small country, I love you a lot” sing Cesária Évora or Hocus Pocus. And precisely, at Le Tanneur, we enjoy becoming tourists in our own country and to be in awe by the charm of Lyon, Toulouse, Bordeaux, but also by the French countryside sceneries. 


as in Never without Le Tanneur

A small leather piece, a crossed over bag, or a backpack for your cycling adventures: each place, each activity, every movement, every day can be accompanied by a Le Tanneur piece. 


for Craftmanship

Master leather maker is a passion for craft. Pushing oneself, to invest, to take care, to learn, to invent, and start over. This profession is an art, whose every creation is a unique product. The outcome of standards and experience. It is a profession that requires time. To dive into the know how of a century’s work does not happen in a few hours. The aim? To accompany a client on a daily basis, but also to anticipate the creations which we will always love wearing, timelessly. 


As Sans-couture

A staple of our Home, this ingenious piece of small leather goods spelling a work of origami. The seams have been replaced by rivets to make them more resistant. A unique technique, awarded by a silver prize at the Universal Exposition of Paris in 1900. It was always produced in this way, and still is to this day.